How to stand out as a wedding planner

You're at a wedding fair, trying to get noticed. It's packed, and every planner around you is trying to do the same thing. But there's one booth that's pulling people in. It's not just because it looks good; it's because the planner behind it has a clear, unique vibe. That's what a strong personal brand can do for you in the wedding planning world. It's all about being true to who you are and stand out as a wedding planner. If you're ready to make your mark and tired of handling all your branding on your own, here's how to get started.

1. Tell Your Own Story

Everyone has a story about why they started their business. What's yours? Were you always the go-to person for organizing family events? Did you fall in love with wedding planning after helping a friend with theirs? This is what makes you different from the next planner. Make sure this story is a big part of your brand. It should show up on your website, in your social media posts, and when you talk to potential clients.

Example: Let's say you used to work in theatre production, managing behind-the-scenes details for big shows. You could talk about how that experience taught you to handle the pressure and logistics of big events, which is exactly what wedding planning is all about.

2. Know Who You're Talking To

The key to any good business is knowing who your ideal client is. What kind of weddings do you love planning? Big, glamorous events? Intimate, family-only gatherings? When you know who you're trying to reach, you can tailor your message to speak directly to them. Your social media posts, your website content, and even the images you use should all reflect the types of weddings and clients you're most passionate about working with.

Example: If you love working on quirky, non-traditional weddings, show that in your portfolio. Share stories and photos from weddings where you've helped couples do things their way. This will attract more clients who are looking for exactly that kind of creativity and openness.

3. Use Feedback to Your Advantage

A big part of your brand is what other people say about you. Encourage your happy clients to leave reviews and share their photos with you. Word-of-mouth is powerful, and personal testimonials are incredibly persuasive. You can use these reviews on your website and social media to show potential clients exactly what they can expect when they work with you.

Example: After every wedding, follow up with the couple and ask them to write a review. If they're happy with your work, they'll usually be glad to help out. You can also ask for permission to use their wedding photos on your social media and website, which adds a personal touch to your online presence.

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