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From working with Heidi, I have personally gained a lot of knowledge and understanding in the importance of having a clear brand.

She is extremely professional in her work and has high ethical standards in the delivery of what she does.

Thank you Heidi, for your skill set and helping me create outstanding packaging and design

Heidi is a really talented designer. She has a very special ability to SEE your DNA and manages to translate your brand into energy, words and images, which means that your customers can quickly decode who you are and what you can help them with.

It has NEVER been easier for me to sell, because my customers clearly sense whether my products are a match for their needs. I don't have to persuade or explain. They understand. And that is Heidi's merit.

Work with Heidi if you are not only looking for a design that looks delicious, but is also extremely effective on the bottom line.

Heidi is extremely creative. She finds the missing link, that all of us are looking for.

She then takes it a step further, and discovers the DNA of your company. Heidi is able to elevate any brand.

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Heidi not only understood my business but gave advice and thoughts about what I could do and how. Heidi has subsequently helped me with several business brands and I can only say that Heidi takes your branding to new levels.

She is super creative - fast and efficient and very intuitive with how she works.

She hears and understands you and hits the spot. I can highly recommend Heidi to anyone who needs a brand or rebrand or a website or help launching a product.

She is extremely talented and everything she touches turns to gold.

I contacted Heidi because she was recommended to me - and I have not regretted it for a single second.

We were a completely new company in need of both logo material and a website. I had a very clear sense of the direction and atmosphere I wanted to create. Heidi managed to create exactly what I dreamed of, but didn't yet know how to visualize it - almost magically.

She had a clear sense of my desires and was good at listening. But the best part was that with her experience, she could guide and show us solutions that we had not even thought of.