The Brand Identity and Web Design for Atelier Åberg

I got to do the brand identity and web design for Atelier Åberg, owned by the incredibly talented Sandra Åberg. As a renowned luxury destination wedding photographer, Sandra's work exudes elegance, sophistication, and an eye for the magical moments that weddings bring. My goal was to encapsulate these qualities into a visual identity and online presence that mirrored the luxury and Scandinavian simplicity her brand stands for.

The Heart of the Design

Inspiration from Sandra's Work First things first, Sandra's incredible photos were my starting point. I wanted to blend luxury with a neat, Scandinavian vibe. My aim was to make sure this stylish simplicity shined through in every part of Atelier Åberg's brand and website.

Color Choices

Light and Airy Palette
Color was a big deal here. I picked a palette that felt light, airy, and elegant, true to Scandinavian design principles. I mixed in some soft, muted colors with a bit of metallic flair. This choice added a quiet luxury that perfectly reflects the delicate beauty in Sandra's photography.


Clear and Classic Fonts
Fonts matter a lot. I looked for ones that felt both upscale and straightforward. By combining traditional serif fonts with sleek, modern sans-serifs, I hit the sweet spot. This mix ensured the text was easy on the eyes and fit perfectly with the overall design.


Visual Stories
Atelier Åberg's heart beats through its visual storytelling. I carefully picked images that showcase Sandra's best work. I designed the layout to let each photo stand out, pulling viewers into the story behind each moment.

Website Experience

Smooth and Simple Navigation
Designing the website, I focused on making it super user-friendly. I wanted people who love luxury and elegance to navigate easily through Sandra's portfolio and her services. Moving through the site feels like walking through an art gallery, with each click showcasing beautiful imagery.

The Final Look

Doing Atelier Åberg's brand identity and web design was about more than just aesthetics. It was about translating Sandra's unique photographic style into a visual and digital form that draws people in.

I had a blast working on this project. It was all about sharing a story of love, creativity, and the timeless charm seen through Sandra's lens. I'm honored to have brought this vision to life. Every detail, from the choice of colors to the website's functionality, is crafted to offer a wonderful experience.

Come See for Yourself
I invite you to check out Atelier Åberg's website. It's where simple Scandinavian design meets breathtaking wedding photography. I'm super proud of how it turned out and I think you'll love it too.

And if you are curious about how I work, check out my brand evolution suite here.

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