How to perfect your elevator pitch

Ever found yourself tongue-tied when someone asks, "So, what do you do?" Trying to perfect your elevator pitch so that it encapsulates the essence of your business in a few seconds can feel like trying to squeeze your entire life story into a tweet. Yet, mastering this mini-speech is crucial for anybody ready to elevate their personal brand and make an impact.

1. Discover your core message

Think of your elevator pitch as the headline of your personal brand's newspaper article. It should be compelling, informative, and memorable. Start by pinpointing what sets you apart. Is it your innovative service, your unique approach to solving problems, or perhaps the remarkable journey that led you here?

Example: Imagine you're a sustainability consultant. Instead of saying, "I'm a consultant," try, "I help businesses reduce their environmental impact and save money through sustainable practices." This instantly showcases your value and niche.

2. Tailor your pitch to your audience

The best pitches are those that resonate with the listener's needs and interests. Consider who you're talking to and what might appeal to them. Are they potential clients, investors, or partners? Adjust your pitch accordingly, focusing on the aspects of your work that would be most relevant to them.

Example: If speaking to potential clients, emphasize the benefits they could gain from working with you. "By adopting sustainable practices, you can enhance your brand image, attract eco-conscious customers, and improve your bottom line."

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any skill, your elevator pitch will improve with practice. Rehearse it in front of the mirror, with friends, or record yourself. The goal is to make it sound natural, not memorized. Pay attention to your tone, pace, and body language—they all contribute to how your message is received.

Example: After several practice sessions, you'll notice which parts of your pitch feel clunky or which words you stumble over. Refine and tweak until it flows smoothly and confidently.

Ready to elevate your brand?

Making an impactful elevator pitch is just the beginning. To truly stand out, your personal brand needs to reflect the professionalism, confidence, and uniqueness of your pitch. That's where I come in. With years of experience helping female founders like you, by creating custom visual identities, I can help ensure that your brand resonates with your target audience and supports your business goals.

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