Don’t waste your money on “experts”

I once paid a fortune for a personal stylist. 💰

After that, I paid a fortune for a new wardrobe that supposedly suited my body shape.

I wore those outfits a minimum of times. Total waste of money and energy. 😏

The problem was that the clothes might fit my body shape, but they didn't fit my person at all.

That's why it's so important to me to find out WHO my customer is before I create a visual identity for them.

What are you passionate about, what are your values, who would you like to touch with your message.

It's no use creating a visual identity that "fits in" with your industry, if you can't see yourself in it.

So the next time you hire an "expert" ask yourself if you feel understood and met by this person, he/she asks the right questions and is always ask for references.

Happy Monday, my friend!

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